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About Wheelhouse Securities

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Wheelhouse Securities Corp. was founded by a group of investment professionals in 2009 to provide brokerage services that always put the client’s interest first. We recognize that in order to build, grow and maintain a service company, the interest of the client must be served before all others.

By delivering professional services to our clients that exceed expectations all of our employees benefit. By allowing our employees to benefit, our entire organization will be rewarded. Hence, our motto:

"Placing client’s interest first will benefit our employees and reward our organization"

Wheelhouse Securities requires that all of our Investment Professionals maintain a vested interest in the company. We believe that having this requirement in place allows for the formation of a long term horizon where the decisions for tomorrow take precedence over the decisions of today.

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Contact Us

317 N. 11th St, Suite 402
St. Louis, MO 63101
United States of America

Phone: (314) 881-1850
Toll Free: (877) 558-4417

Fax: (314) 881-1868